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I have been given a choice to do this by :iconlulu2222:

Thanks! I was bored anyway and I think my watchers think I'm dead XDDDD

1. What's your real name and how old are you?
Haha. Haha. HAHAHAHA! Sadly, I wouldn't wanna tell anyone
unless I trust you, of course! But just a little hint, I guess.. Follow the year?

2. Why do you draw?
I aim to become a manga artist and I want to, because I was never really good
with words and yet I have a lot of stories in mind, so once I become
a "manga-ka" I can tell that story in the form of art!
As for becoming a manga-ka, I've always wanted to connect with people
if not in person or through messages, I want them to be able to connect
through stories. This is why I normally make my characters as relate-able
as much as I can. :) 

3. Pokmon or Digimon? 
I kinda choose both, although I do know more about Pokemon
than I do about Digimon. But I feel completely the same way between the two.

4. Anime/Manga favorite and why?
XDDD Shingeki no Kyojin is my current favorite :D as to why?
Well that's because the main theme represents "freedom"
something I myself have been fighting for. Eren views that living as "cattle"
or "livestock" is a horrible thing, though the most of the people
within the walls are against that; he still fights for that "freedom"
that everyone knows nothing of! Although the most character I can currently connect with
is the main character himself! I WON'T LIVE AS A PUPPET TIED UP IN STRINGS NO MORE! 

5. Do you remember a dream that scare/impact you a lot?
God yes! I remember dreaming about being chased by Godzilla so many years ago!
I recently checked what that dream meant and apparently it was "inner anger"
Now my main question was "How angry was I to create a monster in a dream?"

6. Do u kill somebody?
No. MURDER IS BAAAAAAAD!!! XDDD well I can still imagine cutting off people's head,
but that's a different case.

7. White chocolate, black chocolate or chocolate with milk?
Does it matter which is it? XDDDD IT'S CHOCOLATE DAMN IT!

8. What's your favorite pizza? 
Cheese pizza. I'm not really one for toppings... *cringes*

9. What season is your favourite?
I could say autumn. XDDD I just love the feeling of autumn
Idk why though...

10. Do you have any dream? 
Dream? To live my life to the fullest :D

I tag whoever wants to do this 
Have a nice day Hi!

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DWN966KuruMan Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You may wanna :+fav: this. Why? Because I requested it.

Wanna imagine the story for this?
AnimeMe1423 Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
XD hmm... a story?
How about you start?
I can't feel anything right now as you have already read one of my replies :'D FmL man XD
DWN966KuruMan Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Cloud and Lightning decided the go see the full moon together. Good thing the field they walked in has no other people around, not even their friends. Light suddenly held Cloud by her cheek who got surprised on her action. She then pulled his face down to kiss his lips. The Chocobo-head was surprised that the pinkette was kissing him. So he had no choice but to return it as he held her sides below her bust line. END!
DWN966KuruMan Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry I didn't respond, still brainstorming on how the fight ends. I know it won't be like AC since it is predicatsble.

But how would Cloud react and what would he say when Lightning wears a sexy revealing pink bikini or lingerie and applied some make-up? No offense to females here as I am not Mysoginistic towards you. Just wanna hear your thoughts since Lightning was supposed to be like this.
AnimeMe1423 Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
XD no, no, no. It's fine xD

Oh wow. XD I think we're thinking of the same thing man, how about you first tell me what you think? Cause as I said we might be thinking of the same thing. Lol no problem, I've seen/heard worse and stuff like these don't bother me XD
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